John Fritz


Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Oboe, English Horn, Ukulele


John is the consummate woodwind doubler. One could say his main instrument is saxophone, as that was his area of specialty while earning his Master of Music from Ithaca College. While he was specializing in saxophone, however, he also concentrated his studies on the other members of the woodwind family to become as comfortable on one as another, with a high level of skill on all four instrument families: Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet and Oboe. John joined the Air Force as a saxophonist, but spent time playing oboe and the other woodwinds in various ensembles.

John spent 22 years touring with the Air Force bands, first in New Jersey, later in Europe, and finally in Hampton Roads. Since his arrival in Hampton Roads, he has kept a very busy performance schedule not only with the Air Force band at Langley AFB, but also as an independent musician, playing up to 150 performances per year. Since retiring from the Air Force, he has maintained his performance schedule, and has also fulfilled the dream of his youth: to become a public school music teacher. He teaches K-5 music at Kingston Elementary School in Virginia Beach.

During his long career, he has had the honor of performing with many stars of the music world including Chuck Mangione, The New York Voices, The Temptations, and others. John loves teaching and believes in the philosophy that kindness coupled with care and thorough preparation equal a successful teaching environment and it must work, because among his Kingston students and family, he is an icon, known and sought out everywhere he goes. Not to mention he plays ukulele for fun.