Asa Hawley


- piano

- voice


Asa Hawley was born in Kyoto, Japan. With both of her parents being musicians, it is no surprise that she has been playing piano and singing since the age of three. It was at this age that she first demonstrated her ability to match perfect pitch by singing the notes played by her older sister. After this, Asa was immediately placed in piano and vocal lessons and has been playing and singing ever since.

Music being such a large part of her life, she naturally studied it throughout grade school and college. After obtaining her Bachelor's Degree in Music and Education from Tamagawa University in Tokyo, Japan, Asa became a music teacher at a local elementary school in the area. There she dedicated herself to teaching music for over 800 students for 2 years.

In 2015, she moved to the United States, where she immediately picked up a job as a music teacher for Ego Music in Virginia Beach. Because of her love for music, Asa focuses on making other people's lives more enjoyable through the study of music and encouraging the same passion and love for music that she has carried with her all her life.