Why do we learn music?

Our  Misson

Galaxy Music is a center for enriching lives through methodical music education, while also providing a comfortable environment to practice music.

Music Lessons

Learning music at Galaxy Music starts with a classical based training. We believe that learning classical music is a necessary foundation to branch off into other genres.

Rehearsal Space

Galaxy Music supplies rehearsal space for Bands, Musicians, Songwriters, performing Artists, DJ's, and Producers from beginner to pro in the Hampton Roads area.

Founder’s Notes

As a musician and music teacher, I can think of no better way to spread the joy of learning and playing music than to foster a community in which to do so. Music meanders into the depths of the soul and can answer the most profound questions of ones existence. There is no point in figuring out why or how because we are not supposed to understand. We are meant to experience music and let melody and harmony make sense of the most undefinable feelings. I take pride in experiencing this in many ways; teaching, performing, and receiving music. For me, there is no greater love.

"After slience, that which comes closest to expressing the inexpressable is music."
-Alduos Huxley